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Grilled to your liking

All our beef is grilled to your liking, we use a open fire charcoal grill to give all our beef that smokey taste of a true New York Steak/burger.

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Sides with that?

All our Grills come with fries and some veg, just take a look at that juicy beef!

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Amazing Burgers!

New York Steak & Burger has a wide range of burgers to choose from, who knew burgers could be so mouthwatering.

The Restaurant

NY Steak & burger offers an indoor and outdoor terrace to enjoy your meal, great for large parties. As you can see that the restaurant is roomy and open, who wants to eat in a cramped area?

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Hand crafted to perfection

Our burgers taste amazing but also looks amazing, all out burgers are checked to make sure it looks as mouth watering in real life then it is in photos.

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Best Desserts in town

All our desserts and cakes are homemade daily, so why not also try a that sweet yummy cheese cake while your here?

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On duty

You can find Lana here most days of the week, she is here to make sure you enjoy every last bite. If you have any problems just drop her a word.